Friday, March 23, 2007

Blessings from Lakshmi!

A gift for Navaratri ~ the Nine Nights of the Goddess.
The spring celebration in the Hindu tradition,
from March 19 to March 27.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth.
She expresses the Love, Light and Grace
of the Divine Feminine.

From India, she came.
A powerful temple Lakshmi,
full of Shakti and Love.
She found me and would not let me go.

Lakshmi said,

"Wake up to your Divine nature and
we will be like sisters dancing on the waves of light.
Now is the time to open up
and expand your Light Self."

© 2007 Laurel Smith

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Tom Tipton said...

Do NOT use black backround, as it makes it difficult to PRINT/copy. Or is that your intent?!?
Neat/cool/wow. More/more.